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unique. handcrafted

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one of a kind 

Every piece of ntm jewellery is created by hand, no two will ever be the same, nor will they be overworked to perfection. Just like all of us it is their imperfections that make them super special and unique.


ntm jewellery is hand crafted by contemporary jeweller Nicola Macklin. Nicola's ntm collection is created from brass, copper, and sterling silver. Using traditional and experimental techniques Nicola individually creates her distinctly simple and understated series of earrings, rings, necklaces and bangles designed for everyday wear. 


Through her work Nicola aims to encourage the wearer to think about what makes items precious and valuable to us. Is it the materials they are made from or the form in which they take and story they have to tell that makes us desire and value them?


perfectly imperfect


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